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Members and subscribers to VFW Post 3117. Many of you may have noticed our website was recently offline. It was concluded our site was the victim of a cyber attack that originated somewhere in Russia. There were also several attempts that originated somewhere in the Eastern Block countries.

I have since taken several measures to protect our Website. All users have been deleted. Members needing a login will need to email me and request a new login. Malicious (Hacked) members have been deleted. There was a dozen “unauthorized members” who had gained access to our site with various levels of security. I have installed Web Site Anti-Attack software called WordFence. This will help protect us against further attack.

Why was our site attacked? Hard to say why any organized group would choose to attack a Veterans group website. The attack originated within the former Soviet Union. It would appear at face value they believe disruption to our community via a veterans website is worth their while.

Anyway, we believe the new software put in place will put us in a better position to fend off these types of attacks.

Any questions, feel free to email me at

Thanks for your continued support….

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