Free Post 3117 Email Accounts Still Available !

As a reminder. Free email domain and accounts for Post 3117 are still available. 

Have ever thought you might like to use “Official Correspondence” email account representing Post 3117?

Well now you can, and it’s all free!

Examples of email addresses can be title, or simply your name;

  • Commander
  • Jr Vice Commander
  • Trustee
  • Auxiliary President
  • FB Administrator
  • Bar Manager
  • Your Name

All email accounts end up with for the domain. Set up is simple using whatever platform you are used to using. IE: Outlook, IPad, Android, etc.

WOW! This is great. I no longer need to use my Verizon account to send Official Emails!Ken Durkin, Post Quartermaster

To receive you FREE email account simply fill out the form to the right ==>



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